Ral d’Avinyó Pork

Ral Pork, bred exclusively in Catalonia, the most similar breed to the native Catalan Pork.

A breed obtained from the mix between a Berkshire male and a Duroc female; the old rustic breeds of pork.

The pigs receive a traditional diet of cereals, which they are fed in a relaxed environment which fosters their growth and well-being.

Processes combining technology and artisanal traditions make our meat stand out for its quality, which is respected and recognised by all. Our traditional boning methods and the gradual cooling provided by our different refrigeration chambers, where the meat is hung on individual hooks, also mean that we manage to achieve the lowest levels known of water accumulation inside the meat.

The meat is healthier and tastier, with more intramuscular fat, which is what gives it its traditional flavour.